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Nephthys by galgje
Pencil lineart coloured in Clip Studio Paint. I went for a less blended style this time OwO
It was difficult to come up with a background for this one, I did not just want hieroglyphs on a wall. But then I saw the Egyptian fans with ostrich feathers @_@ so I had to put those in.
Alish and Azarin by galgje
Alish and Azarin
My original characters for Pokefantasia which is kinda inactive right now.. Thought I'd add a background for my portfolio @_@
AA: Lilian Hua-Er by galgje
AA: Lilian Hua-Er

Name: Lilian (Lily) Hua-Er
Age: 55 (appears 25)
Birthday: 8th Harvest
Gender: Female
Height: 167 cm
Race: Wood Elf

Class: Shaman
Occupation: Pharmacist
City: Estraude
Allegiance: Miras Kingdom

elegant | proud/arrogant | caring | motherly | down-to-earth | responsible | strong-willed | honest (both in words and expression; terrible at keeping secrets)

Having been growing up in a loving family, she does not know real hardship and can be a bit naïve about the world. She works in her mother's pharmacy, so she knows how to treat her customers properly and is in general kind, caring and helpful. This makes making friends easy for her (which was the complete opposite from when she was younger), but her naivety sometimes results in people taking advantage of her. Because her mother taught her everything she knows about herbs and remedies she is very proud of her skill and can be very arrogant about it (because she believes her mother to be the best herbalist in the world).
She loves nature (flowers especially), animals and children (wanting to have a child of her own). She dislikes people who look down on her, and people who disrespect nature (things include pulling grass, littering, and 'playing' he-loves-me-not with flowers).

Lilian was born from a wood elf mother: Lhel, and a wood elf father: Silva. Her mother was born and raised in Song Lu, while her father was born and raised in Estraude. Lilian's father is a carpenter who was travelling the continent while researching different types of wood when he met her mother. They fell in love, and soon Lilian was born. But her father's allegiance was the Miras Kingdom, which did not sit well with Lhel's family who were loyal to the Koben Empire. So Lhel never told them about where Silva truly came from.

Lhel is an herbalist and excelled in creating healing potions, Lilian had developed a great interest in herbs and flowers because of this. Her mother taught her everything she knew, and Lilian wanted to become a pharmacist someday; just like her mother.
When Lilian was at the age of 10, Lhel's family found out about the background of Silva; he had been writing and receiving letters occasionally from Estraude. Afraid that her family might harm her daughter and lover because of this, Lhel told Silva to take them to Estraude where they could live quiet lives.

Lilian lost the few friends she had back in Song Lu, and because she spent most of her time either helping in the store or studying and researching medicinal herbs, she did not have many friends. But she never felt lonely; she loved her parents, and loved to talk about what she had learned to the clients that come to the pharmacy (while some may not have found it all that interesting, she always looked so excited when she talked about the workings of medicine, so they were always happy to listen to her).

But as she was reaching adolescence, she studied less diligently than before. Working in the pharmacy had become repetition, and she actually wanted to go out and meet other people for once; her clients would sometimes talk about how in times of need their friends would come to them and help them out, or how they would gossip with their friends about other people... It always seemed like fun.
So, she told her mother about this (she tells her mother everything), Lhel was happy to hear this and gave her a few days off in the week so Lilian could go out and socialize. The first few weeks consisted of Lilian walking up to random people, introducing herself, after which she would babble on about medicinal herbs. She complained to her mother that these people did not seem interested at all, and that she has so far not found one new friend. After listening to a few tips her mother gave her (and after a few more weeks), she finally managed to find a couple of friends.

Happy with her increasing number of friends with whom she regularly hung out with, she is slowly reaching adulthood. Being with her friends was incredibly fun, but she wanted something new: a boyfriend. Unfortunately her mother told her that finding a good one might not be as easy as finding friends, but Lilian will not give up.

Mother - Lhel Hua-Er
Father - Silva Rhuilithe

Additional info:
- She is single
- Lily is (obviously) her favourite type of flower
- While healer class, can't actively heal. Her healing magic works through her potions (which she can also use offensively when necessary)
- Always carries around bottles around her belt, some contain remedies, others are empty, and one or two may contain lethal poisons
- Loves pretty clothing, but does not like to get them dirty
- When going outside to get fresh cuttings, she will use the sash at the front of her dress to tie her skirt up, otherwise it'll get dirty
- Has very little consciousness of the ongoing wars in the world

RP Preference: notes, group chat


Artist | Student | Varied
Heey guys~

Refreshing my journal, because my most recent one is almost 6 months old (..I think).

Anyways, I'm here to announce that I made a blog~ :D My first blog ever, I hope my writing skills don't suck too much @_@

There's not much stuff yet, but please check it out. ^^
I think I'll be able to update it once a week :pray:
  • Mood: Adoration

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